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Installation in Ecwid

Payment module for Ecwid

ePay has developed a free payment module for Ecwid, making it easy to accept payments in your Facebook shop.

To use the ePay module, you need an Ecwid store. Read these instructions to see how you connect your Ecwid store to your Facebook fan page.

Visit ePay’s demo store on Facebook to get the feel of it. You can place an order and see how it works. Don’t hold back – it’s only a demo shop.

It’s easy to turn your Facebook page into a shop with Ecwid! Follow the steps below to receive payments through Facebook.

1. Create an ePay account

You need a test account with ePay to try the module for Ecwid. A test account is free, and you can create yours in a few minutes. Once your account is created, you’ll receive a test merchant number for making test payments.

Get a free account

Please state that you want a test account in the comment field. You can disregard prices etc.

You can keep testing as long as you want. Whenever you’re ready to accept real payments, we’ll upgrade your test account to a production account. This means you don’t have to create a new ePay account from scratch.

2. Install the ePay module in Ecwid

The ePay module is integrated into Ecwid, so you don’t need to download or install any files.

Open Ecwid, and go to the control panel.

Choose System Settings -> Payment -> Payment Methods in the menu.

Enable ‘Credit Card’. Choose Credit Card: Authorize.Net SIM by “Payment Processor”, and click ‘Apply’.

Click 'Yes' to configure the payment method right away.

Click on ‘Account details’, and enter the following information:

  • API Login ID: Enter your merchant number here. You can find your merchant number in the ePay administration in the menu Settings -> Payment system.

  • Transaction Key: Put at 1.

  • MD5 Hash Value: Enter the same key you’ve entered at “MD5 security check” in the ePay administration in Settings -> Payment system.

  • Transaction Type: If you choose “Authorize only”, you have to capture the payments manually in the ePay administration. If you chose “Authorize and Capture”, the payment is captured as soon as it is completed. Please note that you can only use this setting if the customers receive their goods immediately (e.g. downloads or services).

Click on ‘Advanced settings’, and change “Endpoint URL” to:

Ignore the setting “Enabe test mode (no charges)”.

Click the ‘Save’ button, and press ‘Save’ again.

Click on ‘Save’ in the top right corner.

The payment module is installed, and you can make a purchase in your shop to see of it works.